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* Tim McAvoy wins National 55's Gold

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Burkhart sisters win 3rd straight Gold, Aidan Donoho & Ty Brinker win boys 12's


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* Zink/Prendergast win 2014 MIXED MAPTA

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Women's Interclub Results:

Cup 1 - Merion        Cup 2 - Lehigh       Cup 3- Picket Post      Cup 4 - Kennett A

Cup 5 - Radley Run     Cup 6 - Huntington Valley     Cup 7 - Radley Run

Men's Interclub Results:

Div  1 - Waynesborough        Div 2 - Conestoga       Div 3- Picket Post      Div 4 - Radley Run

Div 5 - St Davids     Cup 6 - Radley Run    Cup 7 - Huntington Valley




Waynesborough wins D1 Championship Title for Third Straight Year

It turned out to be one of the most competitive semi-final and final matches in many years in the D1 championships. The temperatures for the evening were hovering near 15 degrees and the wind gusts were reaching 30 MPH which was playing havoc on the players throughout the evening. MAPTA had plenty of hot Pizza and Cold Beer to keep the players and spectators nourished during the evening.

In the first semi-final Huntingdon Valley, the regular season champion defeated Aronimink in a tie-breaker of sets with one match not completed. Captain Rodney was proud of his team?s performance and felt like his players were ready for whichever team won in the WCC vs. Wallingford match.

In the other semi-final, the two-time defending champion Waynesborough took on Wallingford in an also exciting match which came down to a tie-breaker of sets as well. Waynesborough? s wins came on Court 2 as Tim McAvoy and Hank Oberly took all three sets over Dick Dunkel and Jeff Shrager. Waynesbrough also on Court 2 as Keith Studnick teamed up with Scott Bassett and managed to fight back from a 5-2 deficit in the first set to win the set. Ray Johnston and Whit Powell brushed off the set and won the second, but WCC?s duo won the 3rd set ten point tie breaker to seal the court for WCC. On Court 3 Steve Beers and Paul Ridder took on Ken Crowther and Brennan Torregrossa and after splitting sets, Crowther and Torregrossa took the third set ten point tie breaker. A battle was taking place on court 1 between Vlatko and Bruce Sopko in which the teams split sets with Mike McGrath and Mike Furman taking the second set. At that point WCC had already won the necessary 7 sets and the third set was not played.

The final was held at Aronimink with WCC arriving shortly before 8:45PM to a packed house of players and spectators already digging into the pizzas that had arrived for the crowd. It was then that WCC had learned that they would get a chance to avenge the first week loss to Huntingdon Valley.

Huntingdon Valley?s line up remained the same for the finals, while true to form, WCC mixed up their three and four courts teaming up Suds and Studs on court 3 with Bassett and Ridder on court 4.

The court 1 match featured Vlatko and Sopko against Trip and Seese in which from all accounts was not what the crowd was expecting. V and S played flawless paddle in the first set and did not drop a single game. Trip and Sees got their games back in order and took the second set 7-5. The finals format features a full set for the third which seemed fine for V and S as they matched their first set score of 6-0.

Court 3 was a battle in each set as The Van Buren brothers battled it out with Suds and Studs and eventually won the first set in a tie-breaker. WCC had their chances and were up 4-2 in the second, but the Van Buren?s tightened up the strength at the net and took the second set 6-4. After receiving a fresh ?warm? ball for the third set, Suds and Studs jumped out to a 4-1 lead and held on to win the crucial third set 6-4.

Court 4 had Alec Kissell and John Luviano also taking the first two sets off of Ridder and Bassett only to also yield the third set by a score of 7-5.

At this point all eyes were focused on court 2 which featured McAvoy and Oberly from WCC taking on Captain Rodney and Doug Morrow. Rodney and Doug won the first set and McAvoy and Oberly took the second. All the courts were complete early in the third set when the spectators realized that the winner of this final set would win the championship. McAvoy and Oberly true to form stepped up their games in the third set and while Doug and Rodney played great as well, it was not enough as McAvoy and Oberly won the third set 6-2, giving WCC a victory in a tie-breaker of games.

Waynesborough quickly surrounded the Court 2 victors as they each offered up their tales of what it took to win a set on the various courts and they all agreed that they were lucky to pull out a victory against the regular season champions. As Vlatko pointed out, he recognized that at the conclusion of his match, WCC had to win all 3 of the remaining third sets just to get a chance to win a tie-breaker of games and they had done just that. The lop sided victory on court 1 proved to be the edge that WCC need to win their third consecutive D1 Championship.

For those that are asking as to the whereabouts of Captain Tom? He was approximately 30,000 feet above the courts and getting live updates to his smart phone from various folks. Asked about his team?s success, ?I always told my guys, every set and every game can make the difference between winning and losing in this league. The fact that we won the third set in each of the four courts exemplifies the experience of the team and I am sure if not positive that given the same circumstances next year, we will not sweep all four of the third sets off this team next year! Congratulation to their well-deserved regular season championship and I am sure we will be seeing this team for many years to come.?

Well that?s another season in the record books. D1 welcomes back Philly Country as they should now again be healthy and ready to compete as well as Conestoga who took the regular season crown in D2 and its their chance to show their paddle wares next year with the big boys. We also say good-bye possibly to the first time in interclub history to Merion whose team faltered out of the starting gate and although made a dramatic push in the end, ended up a few points short. We also say good-by to Vic Mead who for the 5th consecutive season has either left or came back into D1.

Many thanks to Aronimink and Waynesborough for hosting the Semi-Final and Final matches and MAPTA for picking up the tab for the evening.





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Net gains and losses are the business at hand    See all 3 questions below.

Dear Rules Guru,

Please, could you provide some guidance on the situation that I faced over the weekend?

A return of serve hit the net cord with the ball remaining on the side of the returner (never crossing over the net). However, when the ball hit the net cord, the net touched my paddle. There was no forward motion of my paddle but the net moved into and touched my paddle. I conceded the point as I "touched the net."  Is that correct? Thanks.

--The Net and I Met

Dear The Net and I Met,

As a believer in metaphysics, it isnt all that surprising to me that inanimate objects are coming to life.  That net decided to invade your personal space.  The sad truth is that it is always a loss of point if you touch the net before the point is over. And it doesnt even matter if the ball was going over the net or not.  Rule 18(i) notes the exact situation you describe. [When a player is standing at the net and the opponent hits the ball into the net in such a way that it pushes the net against the player's paddle or person, the net player loses the point. It does not matter that the ball was not going over the net. The net player loses the point because the player made contact with the net while the ball was still in play.] It is so not fair, but you made the right call.

Best to you,
The Rules Guru


Dear Rules Guru,

A player hits the ball into the net and the ball falls on to his side. At the same time, the opponent, while rushing toward the net, touches the net with his body (after the ball had already gone into the net). Who wins the point?

--Rushing for Nothing?

Dear Rushing for Nothing

I am always impressed that platform tennis players are willing to flail themselves into all of the stationary objects on the court. Shoulders are thrown into screens, hips into the net cords. But sadly at times it is to no avail. In this situation, touching the net with his body while the ball is in play is a point against the net toucher.  According to Rule 17 [Ball Remains In Play], the ball is in play until it lands in the court, even if the ball doesnt seem to be going over the net.  And Rule 18 (i) discusses how its a no-no to touch the net during play. So next time, apply the brakes and take the point back.

Best to you,
The Rules Guru


Dear Rules Guru,

One more question about the net. Sometimes, the net is too long and drapes onto one side of the court. If a player were to step upon the net, would that count as touching the net? (I assume yes, but it really would not be fair that net was too long).

--Drapes Are For Windows!

Dear Drapes Are For Windows

Interior design has never been my strong suit. But, I understand what you mean about droopy nets on the court. Its like stepping on the brides train at a wedding or tripping in the fishermans net on the dock and almost going in the drink. It creates a precarious situation and that dreadful ripping sound. If you see droopy nets, the first thing to do is to try to tighten the nets so that they are regulation. Rule 1 states that the height of the net at the posts is 37 inches and at center is 34 inches. If that doesnt work, make sure the club knows its nets are too long. In the meantime, the rule remains the same. If you touch the net before the play ends, it is the opponents point.

However, since the net isnt regulation, you and your opponents could make the decision before the match how you want to handle this. Either play a let or just continue on when someone trips on the net. As they said on Hill Street Blues, Hey, lets be careful out there!

Best to you,
The Rules Guru

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